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The cables and the slings are one of the most used accessories in the lifting equipment of loads. Their specific characteristics, adaptability and ease of handling make them the ideal components for overhead cranes and hoists.

The safety and efficiency of a lifting and transport system depends to a large extent on the quality of the device and the elements that comprise it.

In the same way that it is fundamental to bet on signatures and quality marks for the installation of the equipment, it is also important not to leave out the accessories and include the appropriate ones in each case. In the current market we find different types of cables and slings, composed of various elements and designed with various shapes, thanks to which they can adapt to the uses that they want to give them.



Slings are responsible for transmitting the power of the lifting mechanism to the load through complementary elements such as pulleys, hooks or seesaws. In addition, they support this load in movement, so they must be capable of supporting the weight both when lifting it and transporting it along the facilities.

The material with which our slings of the KITO brand are manufactured makes us your trusted technological partner, because we will deliver components and equipment with a high degree of certification that have been subjected to the most demanding fatigue and life tests.

Cables y eslingas | Düren Europe

Made of steel or synthetic, it has to be highly resistant and robust, since it depends largely on its load capacity.

As a safety measure and with the aim of avoiding possible accidents, they have a small plate that specifies the maximum capacity they are capable of supporting, thanks to which the operators have the certainty of using the equipment correctly.

Eslingas y cables | Düren Europe


Given the importance of these elements in the lifting and transport of loads solutions, it is essential to trust a professional supplier and installer that guarantees the quality of them.

In Düren Corporate Group we put at your disposal a wide catalog of original accessories and spare parts.

We work with the best manufacturers in the current market KITO is our guarantee of quality and service, so that our customers have the certainty of acquiring effective, resistant and, above all, safe products.

Cables y eslingas | Düren Europe

If you are interested in acquiring cables and slings for your hoists or overhead cranes, simply contact us and we will inform you without obligation. You will find us at the telephone number +34 93 545 11 54, at the e-mail and through the contact form.


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