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One of the equipment that is installed most in those industrial buildings in which they must do in a continuous and safe way movements of pieces in a reduced and same space is the rotating column crane, since it is an extremely versatile and effective system, and It is also designed to be suitable for all types of floors and installations.

The rotating swing cranes are adapted to the needs of each sector and business, and always seek the highest productivity of their work processes, thereby optimizing the time of handling and movement of products.

Powerful and resistant, these devices are responsible for strengthening the total capacity of the company. Its easy handling, in addition, makes them perfect for all types of industries and sectors even working in the most demanding environments where certifications and compliance with specific regulations are required such as pharmaceutical, food, clean rooms in aeronautical processes and naval.

Depending on the frequency of use or the height of elevation that is needed, motorized or manual swivels can be installed, our arms can be manufactured with high strength materials such as steel and aluminum, forming simple or composite structures depending on the resistance requirement , frequency of use and future planned vine.

Grua pluma giratoria | Düren Europe

If you do not know which model is right for you, it is best to consult a professional and experienced company, such as Düren Corporate Group, because only in this way will you be sure to obtain solutions that adapt to you and your facilities.

The rotating swing cranes that we place at your disposal from Düren Europe are manufactured in compliance with the recommendations and CE standards of the Machine and Work Safety Directive, as well as the NBR8400 / FEM standards.

Consult us your application from our own website, making a brief simple and practical descriptive of your product, production and needs, in a very short time we will send you the best and most economical solution.

Main Constructive Characteristics Of The Rotating Swing Crane

  • Main beam, consisting of hot-rolled “HEB” profile.
  • Manufactured with a “I” profile laminated steel with high mechanical resistance. The union between the beams is done through bolted flanges, and the main structural profiles are welded in continuous.
  • Postponement of Ponte’s translation.
  • Electrical components and commands. These equipment have various accessories and elements that work through an electrical supply.

At Düren Europe, we offer you the technology tailored to your needs. If you are interested in installing a rotating column boom, please contact us through the telephone number +34 93 545 11 44 ​​or email and we will assist you with the professionalism that characterizes us.


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