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The suspended monorail is one of the most used bridge crane models in warehouses and industrial facilities that do not have a structure in which to hold the rail beams.

Its name, “monorail”, is given by its only load beam, on which the entire device is held.

The current global market has specific needs to optimize its work processes.

Cargo movement equipment has become a fundamental device in a large number of industries, because thanks to them they can elevate and transport their products in a safe, fast and efficient way.

Grua monorriel suspendido | Düren Europe

In Düren Europe, a company with more than 25 years of uninterrupted experience in the development of solutions and manufacture of equipment for the movement of materials, aware of the current requirements, we decided to offer innovative equipment that would guarantee the productivity and ergonomics of the users. We manufacture modular systems, designed to satisfy and meet the demands of our customers and technology partners.


All our services and products are based on the highest quality, and we guarantee the feasibility of their implementation in the different sectors that we work with.

We make available to all our customers monorails or suspended monorails made of different materials, thus being able to adapt them to all types of facilities and industrial buildings, as well as to the activity carried out in each one of them.

Our modular monorails will allow you to make layout layouts, where you will be able to move and transport your loads and pieces automatically by electrified rails individually and with traction of motorized part-holder hooks. Our transport system is based on rails that perform the function of conveyors have a maximum load capacity of 2,000 kg, and the fact of being able to modulate them allows us to make their movement in almost any configuration.

They can be configured to carry out straight sections, curved segments and direction deviations, which further optimizes the entire process.

Among our electrified modular systems with integration products using our own technological experience you will find:

  • Monorail suspended DR-AL 180/120 (aluminum profile).
  • Monorail suspended DR II, DRII-ERGO, DRII-V (stainless steel profile or galvanized).
Puente grua monorriel suspendido | Düren Europe

If you are interested in receiving more information about the suspended monorail or any of the equipment available to us, we invite you to contact us through the telephone number +34 93 545 11 44, email comercial.duren@duren- or by filling in the contact form that you will find on this web page.


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