Fair of the MECANICA Sao Paulo 27 May. 2016


Monorail modular system.

Elevated aerial system. It allows the transport of pieces of different weights and geometries.

Provides a clean area without obstacles, free systems, which releases the production areas and achieved in a controlled way by means of traffic routes by electrified and motorized cars.

The system allows you to customize the layout through configurations formed by paths with straight and curved sections, deviations from the main circuit, and changes of direction by turns at 45, 90 and 180 º.

They can transport up to 2 tons of weight. With suspended loads with controlled speeds between 5 to 24 meters per minute, with controlled and scheduled stops.
The system is customized to meet the cycle time required by the production process.

A novel system that we offer in carbon steel or anodized aluminum materials.

Our modular systems are used in the most diverse sectors such as the automobile, aeronautics, rail, energy, Pharma and food.

We certify to adapt to the specific regulations of each sector.

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