Warehouse Mercedes Benz Stacker in Sao Paulo

Düren Corporate Group, delivered in September 2017, the first semi-automated warehouse for Mercedes Benz, in its factory Truck and Bus SP.

The project has as a novelty, the implantation in an area close to the Inbound deliveries of external suppliers of components and auto parts of the vehicles.

The system generates a series of commands that are handled by a computer application that controls and registers the products at the warehouse entrance and sends them according to a configurable map of references and bar codes towards the shelf positions.

The system has a handling equipment that makes it easy for the warehouse operator to handle the take-off tasks, to place them in the stock of the shelves and then take them to the production areas following the JUST IN TIME sequence of the Mercedes Benz production process.

Greater efficiencies have been streamlined and delivered to the current stock level, adding value based on higher warehouse productivity and the elimination of errors and rework, which has resulted in an obvious improvement in the quality of the product and the production process in general.


  • Integration of a Pallet Warehouse.
  • Static capacity 150 pcs.
  • 1 Hallway with Shelves in 5 heights.

Reception and Storage of Inbound Materials Logistics.

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